Neko's list of needs

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Neko's list of needs Empty Neko's list of needs

Post by MaidOfSteel on Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:23 pm

Novice Mage Amice/Manaholic Shoulders* thanks dfosource market
Magic Stone Ring thanks dfosource market
Red Mage Waist Ribbon
Chilling Witch Stuff
Atk/casting speed monk/fighter avatars
lv45 Broom
Slumlord's Flashy Pants/Hot Pants* thanks ace
Slumlord's Flashy Belt <-- SUPER IMPORTANT!
Slumlord's Coin Purse
Comet Silk Belt
Slumloard's Flashy Shoes/Boots of Essentia thanks bruno

I'm also working on getting a wind dreamer set, so lemme know if anyone has parts they dont need

i totally need these, lemme know if any of u has one for cheap pl0x! i got loads of random equips to trade for them

*= stuff that are pretty expensive and that i probably wont be able to afford lolol, but lemme know if u have them anyways. i got avatars and items that i could throw into the deal

Neko's list of needs Facepalmsiggie

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