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Post by ▀runo on Sun May 09, 2010 7:57 pm

need help with a grappler build cuz alu is being fatt >:O

this is it for the most part, im just not sure wat to do with the last 305 faituge.


i have 3 outcomes in mind o.o

not sure if i need the cancel for spiral or if i even need shoulder tackle and dont know wat to do with the last 125 faituge o.o


is there any point in getting lvl10 iron physique? is it something i need o.o? and something with the last 105 faituge not sure . _.


is i either just add all the extra sp to elbow shock or air steiner, not sure which 1 to add it to o.o thinking air steiner would be better cuz the damage isn't based on a % of ur atk like elbow shock.


not sure if i need
shoulder tackle (if needed wat lvl o.o)
lvl10 iron physique (2000physical defence and 40vitality dont know if thats alot . _.)
cancel spiral (. _.)

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