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Post by MaidOfSteel on Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:13 am

I just skill reset'd my bm, and heres my new build for those who wanna use it. after playing bms for so long, im positive this build is as good as it gets for pre-priest patch. pole users can just change the mastery

got rid of shadow chasers and maxed chaser gen. wow shadow chasers are so gey, and wow chaser generator generates a fkload of chasers (says 16%, but that happens alot when im doing like 20hit + combos)

edit: o yuh, i forgot to add that this is a PvP build. i didnt make a PvE build cuz i dont understand why anyone would make a bm for PvE. i guess PvE should max chaser press or something?

New BM Build Facepalmsiggie

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